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  • Beech Nut Chewing Gum
    Oh yeah! I always preferred these with their crisp shell compared to ordinary strips of chuddy like Wrigleys. Was kind of disappointed the first time I tried it because I wanted it to actually be beech nut flavour! What about Dentyne gum? Tiny individually wrapped gum with a weird flavour.
  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    Were these those sort of hollow thin curved tubes that came in a sort of tomato flavour? I have vague recollection of buying these at the school tuck shop. They were my favourite crisps alongside Snaps (spicy tomato with a dragon on the packet?) and KP Discos (S&V)
  • Texan Bar
    Remember the Mexican firing squad advert. These bars must have had so many kids teeth out! I can feel an ache on my jaw muscles just thinking about these. And I can still see the speckles of chocolate on my Sta-Press where it flaked off whilst trying to bite a bit off.
  • Ice Magic
    Mint was my favourite. I can't quite believe my mum ever bought this stuff, but we loved it. A bottle would not last terribly long, probably why she didn't buy it often.
  • Walnut Whips
    These were always deemed too expensive and luxurious for kids and we were not allowed them. Somewhere between that thought being put in my head and me earning my own money, I lost interest in trying one and have still not had one ever, in 45 years of chocolate ignorance. I have a sneaking suspicion they might taste a bit like Ferrero Rocher but worse (except for the walnut) so I'm a bit reluctant.
  • Babycham
    I thought it was hilarious when they had that advert with the big butch black dude saying in a deep voice "Ah'll hayve a babycham!" I never knew if it was supposed to be sarcastic or if they were really trying to convince 70s Man that it was acceptable to be seen drinking a feminine beverage.
  • Party Sevens
    I remember my dad buying these for barbecue parties in the 70s, he still has no idea about beer and he's in HIS 70s now! Back then I was only about 8 myself and thought all beer was horrible anyway. I subsequently learned that Watneys just made awful beer. Whenever anyone mentions "six pack" these days I say I used to have a six pack but it is now more of a Party Seven. Most people have no idea what I'm taking about!

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