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  • Burton's Fish 'n' Chips
    Fish n Chips are back as i have seen people posting pics of them on FB
  • Roy Of The Rovers Chewy Bar
    i sure do....it was my fave of all the chew bars....i loved that tangy pineapple flavour....
  • Oinks
    i remember oinks.........the original orange early 80s packets...same era as burtons puffs....
  • Gino Ginelli
    that ice cream reminds me of secondary school & the stone roses...
  • Ayds
    i remember my mam trying those & getting them cheap in the chemists because of the aids thing.....there is a early 1980s youtube video featuring the exact same chemists as i remember it .....it looks like its the bloody 1950s..
  • Highland Toffee Bars
    i used to like the chocolate mint flavoured bars
  • Highway To Heaven
    lol agreed

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