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  • Blue Grass
    My older sister got a Blue Grass giftset (who remembers 'giftsets'?) for Christmas when she was thirteen. It was in a little draw string clear plastic bag, tied with a gold cord and had miniature talc, perfume and soap, with the 'must have' bath cubes. There was an untouched one for sale on ebay last year, but most of the perfume had evaporated - no great loss, I can't say it smelled that nice, but it lived up to its name, very grassy scent.
  • Limits
    After seeing the post about Ayds slimming toffees, I remembered that my dieting sister also used to get Limits and just as Ayds were 'sweeties' in my child's mind, Limits were 'biccies'. They were revolting, tasted strongly of vitamins and minerals and had a horrible texture, but once again, when I was desperate, they filled a void!
  • Ayds
    OMG! I'd forgotten these! My older sister used to get them when she was on one of her diets. I used to eat them when I was desperate for sweets and there was nothing else available. You mention how expensive they were - my sister always knew exactly how many she had in the pack at any time and they were treated like gold nuggets so you can imagine the reaction when she found I'd been 'at them' again. They tasted absolutely vile, as far as I remember, but that didn't stop me :-D
  • Wagon Wheels
    For me, Wagon Wheels are a memory from my teenage years. I would go to my friend's house on Saturday night. We'd sit in the sitting room, listening to music on the three-in-one sound system and before we headed out to the 'disco' her mum would come in, bearing a tray of tea and Wagon Wheels :)) Sometimes these would be accompanied by a slice of something we called angel cake, a layer cake with pink and yellow sponge sandwiched together with jam and synthetic cream. Happy days!

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