After the success of Brut in 1964, Denim for men was released by Faberge in 1976 - remember it? It smelled of citrus yet with a woody muskiness to it - perfect for the 'real man'. It came in a square bottle and usually came in a gift set with talc. Why do we never see men's talc nowadays? After Denim, Faberge then released Denim Musk.



It WAS rank, I agree! I remember being aware that the advert was implying 'naughty' things... I didn't quite know what at the time but it was that first realisation of sexual overtones...even though you can't quite work it out! There was something shocking about it, to a 8/9 year old! I knew it was up there with snogging I'd seen on TV! I doubt kids these days would be shocked by a woman running her hand up a mans demin shirt!
vixsta3317-Apr-2010, 03:54:41 AM

It was rank :(
MrsGWoman18-Dec-2009, 04:38:27 PM

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