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  • Adam and the Ants
    happy memories of being at Jordanhill college in 1980 and always putting adam and the ants on at lunchtime on the jukebox in the tea bar - also had a white stripe on my face for a big sat night out ! where has the time gone ?!
  • Japan
    I was hugely into Japan in the 80's especially Richard Barbieri ! always aspired to be as cool as david sylvian
  • Creamola Foam
    happy memories of the orange version as a small boy in the late 60's - didnt have fizzy drinks but we drank lots of this - remember the tim so well - bring it back !!
  • Gonk
    i had several gonks in the late '60's all bright coloured long furry sort of haired ball like creatures you could shape their fur/hair into various shapes !
  • Magic Robot
    fab game remember it well !
  • Aqua Manda
    remember it well - great memories of my Mum having this in the 70's I loved the bottle it came in too !
  • Hands Down
    I had this but had forgotten !! memories ....

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