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  • Denim
    You can still get Denim, along with Old Spice and Brut, should you want too. 'Denim - for the Grampy who doesn't have to try too hard!'
  • Carling Black Label
    Didn't CBL also do a spoof on the Old Spice ad, where the two blokes (Stephen Frost and Mark Arden apparently) are in the pub and you can just hear Carmina Burana before a surfer (with a wave) comes in through the door?
  • Midnight Mint Choc Ice
    I certainly remember Midnight Mints - the smoothest, whitest mint flavoured ice cream surrounded by dark chocolate. Heaven! They were 12p and my weekly pocket money was 10p, back in the day when you could get a good double handful of sweeties for 10p. (Of course my hands were smaller then.) The first thing I ever saved up for was a Midnight Mint. I do wish they would bring them back!

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