Anais Anais

When you'd had enough of the Avon solid scent sticks, Anais Anais felt like quite a step up into womanhood. Released around 1976, the perfume is still going strong and many women of a certain age will admit to having worn it for decades. Why such staying power? Firstly, Anais Anais is an inexpensive option compared to some scents these days, and second it is a feminine, flowery scent that's not too heavy on the nose. Although many will find it rather sickly if they're used to todays more fresh, unisex scents.



I remember buying a bottle when I was at college and thinking I was beautiful. Looking back I think I must have gassed everybody.
drydf04-Mar-2013, 09:33:32 PM

Anais Anais used to be a firm favourite of mine, my first job was at a chemist and they were clearing out surplus perfume. Imagine my delight when a gift set was amongst them, a box containing soap, body lotion and I think a body spray. I doused myself in the stuff on bath days and it was only a few years ago that I went off the smell.
dc5910-Oct-2010, 01:13:21 PM

My Aunty Ang wore this for a few years! I love it coz it reminds me of her, coz she's lovely! Mind you, Ang is quite cool and moves with the times...last time she came to ours she was wearing 'Harajuku Lovers' by Gwen Stefani. What a cool Aunty I have!
vixsta3317-Apr-2010, 02:44:51 AM

My mam went through a phase of buying me this at xmas when I was a teen right around the time of the dewberry fuzzy peach etc craze. I didn't mind it but do remember it hardly had any smell so I hardly ever used it!
vic22-Oct-2009, 07:22:17 PM

It still smells lovely. I bought some for my boyfriends mum last christmas.
Yellow Watson18-Feb-2008, 03:58:39 AM

Never knew how to pronounce it. Anais anais or anay anay? Seem to remember it didn't have a very strong smell - not up against the room-clearing rivals of the time such as Body shop Dewberry/Fuzzy Peach/White musk or Exclamation anyway.
vic08-Dec-2007, 07:22:04 PM

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