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  • Rolf Harris
    I was a real big fan of Rolf Harris, I still am. My dad had all his records. I've stolen them off of him of course. Nothing beats walking around looking at christmas lights in the stinking heat of the night with the smell of BBQ in the air (mouth watering!) while someone plays 'Six White Boomers' on their christmas mix tape. That right there is an Australian christmas.
  • Kylie and Jason
    Being two little Australian girls at the time, it was all about Kylie and Jason with me and my sister. She had everything to do with both of them. Books, posters, badges. Of course the music. Sadly she always got to be Kylie and I had to be Jason. I never got to be Kylie.
  • Anais Anais
    It still smells lovely. I bought some for my boyfriends mum last christmas.
  • Early Cellular Phones
    I remember my dad wanting one of these but we couldn't afford one obviously so I bought dad a fake plastic toy version. He still has it too. It's HUGE!
  • Ghetto Blasters
    My childhood is pretty much on a cassette tape thanks to the ghetto blaster. Me and my sister used to tape our own radio shows. Very embarassing to here how squeaky our little voices were back then. Even more embarassing to hear my sister singing Transvision Vamp songs. She thought she was awesome. It was in our garage so we could listen to music and roller skate at the same time.
  • Walkman portable cassette players
    I'd patiently wait with my finger on the record button while listening to the radio at night to capture my favourite songs so I could listen to them on my walkman the next day. I was a little pirate definitely.
  • Christmas
    My favourite christmases are the ones that all my grandparents were still alive. They were the biggest and best ones. So many relatives, so much good food, so many presents. It used to feel like christmas took forever to come each year. Now I'm older, it flies past. It's sad how nothing stays the same either.

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