Garbage Pail Kids

Gross and offensive trading cards for kids that became a big hit in the mid 80's. The cards depicted children that looked like Cabbage Patch Kids and had amusingly rhyming names such as Fartin' Martin and Adam Bomb. The pictures on the trading cards then showed outrageous and downright disturbing images of the children in various disgusting scenarios.

As you can imagine, this became very popular with many children (mainly boys) and every newsagent in the land stocked Garbage Pail Kid stickers. In 2003 a brand new series of the Garbage Pail Kids were released by the Topps company.


Tops got sued by people who made Cabbage Patch Kids.
tdickensheets29-Jan-2011, 12:05:40 AM

my brother and i were mad over them i remember sticking them up on both sides of my wardobe fave was definately 'Up Chuck'!!
cheekyM02-Oct-2010, 08:03:19 PM

I had loads of them and then one day i came home and my bloody sister had stuck them on her bedroom door. Gutted! Do you remember the names? - Ray Gun, Adam Bomb, Mad Donna, Sick Steve. Loved them.
Baz02-Oct-2010, 02:49:56 PM

I collected them up to around the 10th series and then they faded out with the times..I use to trade them with kids in the neighborhood I grew up in and with people in my elementary school
michael3301-Sep-2008, 04:40:29 AM

Garbage Pail Kids, oh yes, I remember these, they were great, some of them were really disgusting werent they, but at that age, I loved all that stuff, its a shame they dont still have them, they should bring them back.
80stvfreak30-Aug-2008, 04:00:52 PM

bad childhood memory! I wasn't allowed to buy these and on impulse stole a classmates'. I felt guilty and confessed when they were missed, and was then ostracised for the rest of the day!
costello7517-May-2008, 10:33:37 AM

The best fad of the 80s! rediscovered them a few years back and have since managed to put the whole collection together complete series 1 - 6 with sealed packs and full boxes! My work is now done.
UKRob25-Jul-2007, 07:38:38 PM

Me & my friend used to collect these until my friend got one called 'Shorned Sean' which was a kid shaving a huge strip of skin from his head, my friends dad saw it and banned him from buying any more. I remember the chewing gum used to taste like antiseptic as well.
Daz Atkinson03-Jul-2007, 06:09:50 PM

AWWW! I wasnt allowed them!
Charly10-May-2007, 01:40:09 AM

I saw the movie and the unaired cartoon. They were awesome!!!
Peein' Ian07-Feb-2007, 02:29:56 PM

I feel proud of myself because I own the entire 2nd series. I got it in Decenber 2006. My werebears codename is WereBoy. My real name is Ian Alexander Fairchild
Peein' Ian06-Feb-2007, 02:34:56 PM

I collected these in 1986 until I was banned from buying any more for getting the bubble gum stuck to something. I still have the stickers stuck in a notebook & the backs with the various awards on them. Later me & my cousin awarded all of these to friends & members of our family, & recorded a ceremony on a tape I still have.
Richard Davies30-Dec-2006, 10:04:11 AM

i'm looking for a trading card set that was around in the U.K in 1989/90 all i can remember is there were 40 originals and number 40 was called The Rock if you know cheers
help me..17-Dec-2006, 06:56:57 PM

Wow!! This brings back the memories, they were massive here in England also! They were funny and also gross, like a baby barfing his food everywhere called Up Chuck or something!
Mark11-Oct-2006, 05:02:44 PM

I thought these were sooo cool and funny I wanted them so bad but would rather just buy candy so I stole a whole bunch from my friend I was like in 1st or 2nd grade
shortcake0313-Jul-2006, 08:00:20 AM

Unusually for a girl, I was into them...big time. I once spent a king's ransom (about $14 in slag) on a whole load of cards and Bazooka Joe chewing gum at the ice cream van that parked vulture-like outside the school walls. I still have (almost) the entire series 3 which my mother kindly mailed to me. This includes the sought after "Adam Bomb" card and the oversized ones with a certificate for something or another on the reverse. Used to gross out all the girlie-girls and made the sick puppies of my ilk snigger with perverse glee.
Leah Borromeo24-May-2006, 12:29:10 AM

i was scared of them
i cried also know as laura22-May-2006, 01:10:39 PM

just found this link to all the cards!!
Anthony18-May-2006, 12:07:06 AM

I love these cards! Used to spend all my money on them when I was a kid. Luckly I held on to them all of those years - and now that they are making them again, I am collecting them once again :)
James20-Apr-2006, 05:25:29 AM

These were brilliant, we used to trade them in school, up to the point when our maths teacher caught us and started a moral crusade against them. They were banned from school property after that, in fact i'm fairly sure there's still a confiscated pack of mine at my old school .....
Jonn Blanchard04-Oct-2005, 12:29:32 PM

They were disgusting and obscene although I will admit to having a collection of my own. The governors of my school imposed a ban on Garbage Pail Kids and teachers were instructed to confiscate and destroy any stickers they encountered. One day an almost complete collection of sticker from the 1st to the 6th series ended up in the paper shredder.
Lexen17-May-2005, 06:11:00 PM

I had a friend who had a collection of these cards so I got to look through them. There were some with kids that were double brained, some throwing up, and some other vulgar poses along with the ryming names. I couldn't find one for Julie, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing!
MLP14-Mar-2005, 12:59:56 AM

Still have all my GPKs up in my parents attic. Think we only reached series 3 before they just disappeared - from what i can gather, the USA ran around 16 series of these stickers. Used to love swapping stickers on the school bus every morning. And then there was the movie...
mike20-Dec-2004, 10:22:06 AM

We had those in France too. If you shared your name with a card, you could bet your life you were going to be teased forever ! I remember the most famous one being the kid picking his nose with his finger going all the way through his head. Here's the French link with all the pics :
Miss Frenchie06-May-2004, 09:51:48 PM

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