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  • Victoria Plum
    I had a Victoria Plum quilt cover, well, I have still got it, all these years later, it is a single duvet cover and I have now got it on my kids beds.
  • Family Ness
    OMG, I remember this, like it was yesterday,here goes the theme tune - Mctooot blows on his bagpipes, while Elspeth and Angus watch those notes, go floating across the waves, Ferociousness, comes over then, turns upside down then flies back in and the beautiful Loveliness, shows she's the kissin kind...... I cant remember the next bit and then it goes, .. and takin notes without a care, returns with a crash and a bash and a splash with the Family Ness !!!! They should bring this back on TV, to show all the episodes, I think the kids would love it !!!!
  • Root Beer
    OMG, I cannot believe that there are people out there who actually like this drink, its disgusting, I dont know how they ever managed to sell this. I tried it once and I just couldnt stomach it, it made me feel ill, it was like drinking medicine with a lovely burger meal, bleeeuurrrgh !
  • Bum bag
    WOW, yes, I had a bum bag in the 80s, when I was a kid/teenager, its so funny cos I dont know why they were called bum bags cos everybody wore them at the front, weird !!!!! They still sell these now, but I dont think I would buy one, there are some things that should just be left in the 80s and this is most definitely one of them :)
  • Major Morgan
    WOW, I loved my Major Morgan, it was such a great toy, I had forgotten abou this toy until I found it on here, I still have all my stuff at my mums house and when I next go round there, I am gonna look for my Major Morgan and have a go on it again, after all these years.
  • Lolly Gobble Choc Bomb
    Yes, its now called a Nobbly Bobbly, I love these I had one the other day when I was down at Brighton, I couldnt believe they still sold these after all these years, I told my children that I used to eat them years ago, I was sooooo surprised that they were still available, I had to have one and I did.
  • Smiths Tubes
    I remember these crisps they were really nice, I liked the idea of tube shaped crisps, what ever happened to these and are they available anywhere else, I like them a lot.

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