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  • Remus Play-Kit
    I called these sets 'Uncle Remus' when I was little. We ended up with a job lot of Remus kits somehow and I did endless colouring. I still remember how the crayons smelled!
  • Misty
    omg I remember these too! I think I spent half my childhood being scared of something or other. I remember the misty story of a girl who believes her twin has died until she's lured to an abandoned house..! There was another where a girl got picked up from somewhere by her dad and when he turned to speak to her his eyes were glowing red(don't remember the ending though)
  • My Little Pony
    Bluebell and Seashell. Mum gave all my old toys away when I left home, and I'm trying at the old age of 32 to get them all back!
  • Garbage Pail Kids
    bad childhood memory! I wasn't allowed to buy these and on impulse stole a classmates'. I felt guilty and confessed when they were missed, and was then ostracised for the rest of the day!
  • Big
    Often emulated never bettered!
  • Sweet Valley High
    I devoured these books as a kid! Does anyone remember the british books set in a boarding school called redroofs?
  • Chocky
    I found Chocky on youtube when looking for something else and I couldn't believe I had completely forgotten about it for years! I had nightmares that a face would appear in my wall for ages.

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