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  • Star Wars Action Figures
    Still have a load of Star Wars toys that i collected years ago. There were about a dozen figures that were very rare - Luke Stormtrooper, Amanaman, Barada, Blue Snaggletooth, Han Solo figure in Carbonite etc. Amazingly i did manage to collect the lot with exception of the illusive Blue Snaggletooth. A few years ago when the collection was spiralling out of control i sold numerous things but kept a couple of near complete sets of figures and some choice ships in boxes. The things i did sell were like an unopened ESB X-wing. That raised about £60. Once i sold an At-At to some bloke in Spain for £100! That must have been at the height of the value. I have seen complete sets of figures going for in excess of £800 on Ebay but this seems to have wained a bit now
  • M.A.S.K.
    i do that as well - see toys that i had as a kid on Ebay and then buy them:D This reminded me so much of just how many MASK toys i had. I always wanted Rhino but never got it. I had an orange car that turned into a tank and a dune buggy thing that turned into a plane. Like many people i had them until quite recenty when my mum got rid of a load of toys from the attic. Not happy with that at all!
  • M.A.S.K.
    Ooh yeh MASK! I had loads of the toys. They were like transformers but they had little figures in. The slightly annoying thing about the toys was that they were smaller than Star Wars and Action Force so they didn't quite fit in. I guess this was done so that the vehicles could be smaller scale.
  • Scream Comic
    was this the one with The Thirteenth Floor in it? Loved that. In one issue you go a stick on rubber spider
  • Panini Football Cards
    You know what, i loved these stickers when i was a kid, especially the world cup 86 ones. Wish i still had them. Now however, i absolutely can't stand football
  • Top trumps
    the best set by far were the Horror ones. They did two different sets. I think one had Dracula on the front and the other had The Devil Priest on. Check out the price of these on Ebay nowadays ..super expensive!
  • Garbage Pail Kids
    I had loads of them and then one day i came home and my bloody sister had stuck them on her bedroom door. Gutted! Do you remember the names? - Ray Gun, Adam Bomb, Mad Donna, Sick Steve. Loved them.

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