Whoopsie Doll

Whoopsie was a doll where you push her belly and her pony tails went up and she said "whoopsie". She had blonde hair with ponytails that had plastic bows in them. The bows were not removeable.

Jen O'Marrah


I've had my whoopsie doll since I was a year old (1979). I loved that doll - we went everywhere together. Just 2 years ago, my mother decided to just give her away to her god-daughter who hates playing with dolls (makes no sense to me). I recently found this out when I was rummaging through my old room & couldn't find her. I was devastated. It was the ONLY item I ever kept for so many years. Sure, I've no clue where her clothes disappeared to but, nonetheless, she was my prized possession. And it's so sad to know she may have been tossed in the trash. I could bid for another one on ebay but it's not the same. I even had my name written on her leg and her hair was still, amazingly, well groomed & shiny. Now, I'm the one weeping! :(
Jess23-Feb-2007, 03:26:45 PM

I received a Whoopsie doll for my 5th Birthday in 1978. I never played with this doll or really even paid any attention to it. My sister who born in 1989 on the other hand from about the age of 7 months old took a liking to Whoopsie. She and Whoopsie were inseperable to the point of obsessive. When I was a senior in high school in 1991 Katie(sister) was being watched (babysat) by my grandma who lived 30 miles away from our house. I picked her up after school and drove home only to hear her scream "I want my Whoopsie" only 5 minutes later. Grandma did not have a telephone but yet she was waiting at the kitchen door when we got there "Whoopsie" in hand. I am trying so hard to find a replacement in like new condition for her kids (when she has them, not now). We still have my (LOL her) "Whopsie" doll who looks worn to pieces her hair is permanently twisted to resemble that of a toddlers fist, with teeth marks on the hands from sucking on her. How we love our "Whoopsie"...The only doll that has ever meant so much to one family.
Brandy14-Mar-2006, 10:22:25 PM

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