Poochie was a toy dog with loads of bright pink fluffy hair that was always falling out in clumps! I remember having a comb and ribbons to put in my Poochie's hair.

Remember the song from the advert?

# Poochie, Oh Poochie!#

#Who's got fluffy fur and long floppy ears? Poochie, that's who!#


amanda pascall


I still have the Poochie Pretty as a Picture game. Anyone have that? I'm trying to find directions for it so my kids can play. I can't remember how to play and I can't find directions!
nicnac07-Dec-2011, 10:11:03 PM

Poochie! Poochie for girls! Poochie here, Poochie there, Poochie here and everywhere! Poochie! (from Mattel)

I don't know why I still remember that song! LOL!
lenise197313-Feb-2008, 09:22:26 PM

i loved my poochie, had the stamper set and everything, aww it was so cute xxx
shopaholic mam22-Dec-2007, 06:48:35 PM

I cant believe I remember songs from the 80s. Well your ears are pink and your paws are too, just look at all the things theyve got for you its poochie, poochie!OMG!
cozmicgirl2429-Jul-2007, 01:22:38 AM

I still have a poochie stamp I loved it and when it ran out if yo spat on it you could get a few more out of it!!!
Little - Miz06-Jul-2007, 09:32:24 PM

I've still got my Poochie,I still love it hahahaha
Melissa12-Jun-2007, 02:02:38 PM

i still have my poochie , i loved her when i was little, i wouldn't sleep without her, i still keep her by the bed!
fi02-May-2007, 01:58:38 PM

Oh how I adored her but I seem to remeber having a little bit of everything. In my coloring book her glasses were in the shape of stars. I loved her more then Barbie
Carrie07-Mar-2007, 11:23:01 PM

Oh god. That thing. I was in elementary school when this dog started to become popular in my area. Given my...different last name, I was a popular target for name play. Too many times have I heard the taunt 'Poochie, Poochie for Goochie!'
Pete Gooch13-Feb-2007, 05:57:44 AM

I think Portia was from the Get Along Gang which was an 80s cartoon
Sandy12-Feb-2006, 09:09:39 PM

I remember my sister having a Poochie as this hideous pink dog to which she applied make up and did its hair. I also remember there being a Poochie cartoon (or am I hallucinating like the designer of this monstrosity?). I am sure that there was a feline version of this toy called Porscha the cat? my sister seemed to have this toy. It was white and was dressed in pink lurex trousers
Leslie Somogyi10-Feb-2006, 05:14:28 PM

ive still got my poochie! i remember plastering toy make up all over its face poor thing! maybe mine will be worth a bomb in a few years!
tj04-Feb-2006, 11:05:12 AM

I had a Poochie stamp set. I think there were three different stamps, and each time the stamp was uses, Poochie's pink ears would perk up.
MLP24-Mar-2005, 12:12:07 PM

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