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  • The Sullivans
    Oh I remember this well it started off showing you the whole family in colour and at the end they all posed for a photo (in b/w) the guy had a one of those posing smiles where he frowned and Mrs. Mangle off Neighbours was in it.
  • Oops Upside Your Head
    You sat in a line on the floor like you were in a canoe and hit your hands off the floor, rocked side to side. OMG! The shimmied forward and back. Etc!
  • Poochie
    I cant believe I remember songs from the 80s. Well your ears are pink and your paws are too, just look at all the things theyve got for you its poochie, poochie!OMG!
  • The Adventure Game
    Was this where the losers had to find their own way home while the winners went home in style?lol
  • Perfection
    "When youre playing perfection you mustnt be slow! push the plunger down set the time and go with perfection!" T^hats all I can remember of that song! Got a good memory didnt realise that til I came on here.
  • Little Professor Calculators
    Probably my favourite toy ever!
  • Speak & Spell
    Oh you were well lucky if you had one of these in those days! I was real envious of my mate who had one.

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