Doodle Dome

Doodle Dome was made by Tyco in the early 90s and was very similar to Etch-A-Sketch, although the sketches appeared on the dome rather than on a flat surface. As with etch-a-sketch the doodles were created by moving the blue dials on the front of the dome. The difference, though, that with Doodle Dome there was a little lever that you could use to pull the drawing point away from the dome so your drawings could actually have gaps in them - most sophisticated!


My sister had one of these for Christmas one year. We found it really difficult to use, so most of the pictures we drew consisted of wiggly lines!
hannahmo20-Jun-2008, 09:09:18 PM

The doodle dome was invented by a friend of mine with his father in SoCal. It was an odd toy with a short lived nitche at tyco.
DYR12-Sep-2007, 11:46:51 AM

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