A J Bear

A.J. bear was a small toy bear that had a battery pack in his back. A.J. was grey and had a little red shirt on with the words "A.J. Bear" written on it.

When you talked to A.J. Bear he made noises to match the way the words were said.

Suzanne Talbott


My daughter had a AJ bear she dropped on the road and a car run over it she cried her heart out so did i 27yrs later she still wants a AJ bear AJ bears last words were mrrrrrrr ack R I P .
LIBBY15-Dec-2011, 01:14:12 AM

I have a closet full of AG Bears - some of them are babies and some are not- They range from colors Brown-Grey and white- I have a couple of Grandma AG Bears and a few Grandpa AG Bears. I see that they are posted as A J Bears but are A G Bears and stand for A Great Bear and have their own website www.AGbear.com and also have a group on yahoo.com- agbear@yahoo.com if you would like to visit.
lb395107-Nov-2008, 04:02:20 PM

I gave my youngest daughter an A.J. bear (grey) for her birthday and we loved the way it "talked" to us!. She is about to have her first and only child and I would love to give her, and her soon to be with us son ,an A. J. bear! If any of you would know where I could buy one please put it one ebay or here in a note! glad to know we are not alone in loving this little guy!
Mom15-Sep-2006, 11:48:08 PM

i still have my AG Bear. I've had him for twenty years. he's brown with a blue cordoroy shirt, his initials are still stitched in and his voicebox still works. i can still remember talking to him when i was a little girl and pretending he was responding. people that hear him now think he's broken becasue his voicebox only does the wah waaah wah wah noise, but i always like that he can "say" whatever you want him to.
bearlover10-Jul-2006, 10:11:04 PM

I remember taking my A.J. Bear to school for show and tell. One of my classmates was playing around with it and blew in the voice box, I don't know if spit got in it or what but it never worked again. I still have it. Minus the voice box and red shirt.
Donielle08-Mar-2006, 06:29:18 PM

I had AJ bear, baby bear, grandma and grandpa bear. I loved him!
coach19-Nov-2005, 11:37:09 PM

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