255 Computer Command

255 Computer Command was a programmable replica 1980 Corvette and was one of the coolest toys ever made (alongside Big Trak). Under the hood was a control panel with a series of buttons that let you program the movements, sounds and lights of the car. The 255 Computer Command Corvette had an advantage over other small car models in that it had rubber tires and metal hubcaps to give it a real authentic feel.

It was possible to program the car to drive advanced courses in forward or reverse, do figure of eights, turn the lights on and off, sound the horn and more. With each command you specified the amount of time to run before moving on to the next command and if you really wanted to you could program the car to drive around on its own all day (or until the 9V battery drained). There were a total of 255 different commands to program the 255 Computer Command Corvette - hence the name! Commands were basically directions for the car to move in including 'Forward', 'Reverse', 'Forward Left', 'Forward Right', 'Stop', 'Reverse Left', 'Reverse Right' and the option for the 'Horn. To set the command you need to press the direction you wanted the car to go in and then type in how long it should carry out this command. When you had finished your "commanding" you then needed to press the "Go" button to set the Corvette into action.

And as a final touch the car would play the 'Charge' song whenever it was turned on!

255 Computer Command Corvette was a truly great toy and was made by LJN in 1981.

Do You Remember 255 Computer Command?

Do You Remember 255 Computer Command?

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