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  • Furbys
    I have so many furbies that I lost count- some of them are babies. I have them all in a very large trunk along with 1 shelby and a couple of ET's and a few of the Gremlins- Also I have 4 of the larger Furbies. I can not help myself when I find one I just have to adopt him/herand give them a home.
  • A.G Bear
    I have a closet full of AG Bears - some of them are babies and some are not- They range from colors Brown-Grey and white- I have a couple of Grandma AG Bears and a few Grandpa AG Bears. I see that they are posted as A J Bears but are A G Bears and stand for A Great Bear and have their own website and also have a group on if you would like to visit.
  • Robie Robot
    I have Robie the Robotic Banker who is missing his bottom that keeps his money in when he eats it- Can anyone help me find a bottom for Robie?

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