"Weebles Wobble But they Don't Fall Down!" It's true - no matter how hard you tried as a kid, back they'd spring.

Weebles were basically little plastic people with circular bottoms and no legs. They looked like eggs, but had painted faces to differentiate between an entire Weeble family: Mum, Dad, brother, sister, baby and dog. They were weighted in the bottom so that if you pushed it over it would just bob right back up again - leading to what seemed to be limitless fun! Because of this, Weebles became a hit from 1969, when they were released by toy manufacturer, Romper Room, taking over from the Little People toys that had gone before them.

By the early 70s, the Weebles had gained in popularity and, by now, Hasbro had started producing a range of accessories. One of the first was the Weeble Tree House, which was extremely popular, and featured slides for the Weebles to move between floors (after all, they ad no Weeble feet to get up stairs). they could even slide straight into the family car. Don't you wish regular houses were the same? Then there was the Weebles Haunted House, which included a glow-in-the-dark ghost, As well as a village full of people, Hasbro started producing an assortment of vehicles with special dimpled seats to hold the Weebles in. These included a boat, an aeroplane and even a Police Van. We were even treated to a Wigwam for the Indian Weebles, Wild West Weeble Wagons, as well as a Treasure Island for the pirate Weebles to live on.

So the kids who kept with these simple Weebles despite the lure of other more compex toys, were being rewarded more than they could ever have imagined... because next up came the best Weeble creation of all - the Circus! It came complete with Wobble the clown, a ringmaster, trapeze artist, stilt walker and a canon (a must for any circus).

Nowadays, Weebles have been superseded by the likes of Nintendo Wii and the like, but they're still popular with collectors, who can even pick up themed Weebles painted with characters of Sesame Street and Disney. They may have changed over the years, but one thing's stayed the same, just as we were promised, 'they haven't fallen down'.


Now the Weebles are different. They have heads and arms. They still have the rounded bottoms but are just not the same. Why did they have to ruin them? They were so great.
Amanda-Davis23-Apr-2010, 01:10:37 AM

one of my earliest memories as a child, i had the weebles caravan! brilliant!
thebhoywonder06-Apr-2010, 02:37:09 PM

I had the weebles in the park! I remember it well there was a roundabout and I used to spin it real fast they flew off! Swings, slide etc. Dont you just wish you kept it all!
cozmicgirl2429-Jul-2007, 12:47:22 AM

WENDY17-Jul-2007, 02:58:30 AM

one of my earlies childhood memories is dropping my weeble down the loo. I remember being extremely traumatized by this event. Yes, weebles do fall down, down the bog!
alex22-Jun-2007, 07:46:32 PM

i still have my weeble treehouse. I still remember that hidinghole at the back.It were great times. Sorry for my bad english, i'm from the netherlands.
jen29-Apr-2007, 09:07:30 PM

My dad still has some. i seen them in the attic and he brought them down. my dad has many memories back in the 60's/70's. Great toys still. Great for little kids.
Ryan18-Feb-2007, 10:51:56 PM

I had the weebles playground. The Helmet was always falling off the fireman so he always had superflue for hair - and my older brother's loved spinning the roundabout and swings so fast that the Weebles would fly like missiles around the room - ahhh what memories!
Weebly20-Jan-2007, 11:49:29 AM

My brother had the weebles harbour, it had a few boats with twistable rudders.....and a platform (i think) from which the boarded their boats. I think I got more play value out of them than he did hehe!!
Ann14-Jan-2007, 09:35:29 AM

I loved the weebles, had quite a few of them but they aint like what they use to be now are they??
toni06-Dec-2006, 01:11:04 PM

Weebles evilness was only matched by that of the Cabbage Patch Dolls. I'm serious, these toys were horid, with their red eyes... that might aswell of flashed! no emotional attachment what so ever... Thank God.
Samski07-Nov-2006, 04:31:32 PM

Ha ha ha, a Weeble strategically placed under the tyre of an about to reverse down the drive Ford Capri (a 1.6GL if I remember correctly) made a satisfying bang. My neighbour (it was his car), predictably, failed to see the funny side.
glam_racket04-Nov-2006, 09:23:55 PM

I loved weebles too!! Haven't seen any in YEARS tho!! I had the weebles playground set, with the swings and stuff! :) I do wonder how I managed to get so much enjoyment out of a few plastic "eggs"!! LOL
Sonia03-Nov-2006, 12:30:47 AM

I used to play with these when I was little, what I will always remember about them is that though I did actually like playing with them their slightly "demonic" faces used to scare me, I think it is the smiles that did it, even now looking at them they kind of look a little "nasty" lol still I dont think I will ever forget them
Kieran09-Oct-2006, 07:05:19 PM

I never knew what a Weeble was until I saw the indie time-travel flick "Primer". In the movie, they are the first objects ever to be sent back in time.
Mark15-Aug-2006, 07:57:45 AM

I remember a news snippet when Weebles became a toy of the past that had the headline "The Rise and Fall of Weebles". I kid you not!
Warren O'Brien07-Jun-2006, 07:38:34 AM

To this day, If I see a person off balance, roly poly shaped, etc., I'll either call them a weeble or just sing the refrain. I really couldn't remember their origin. I just liked the song.
tina02-Jun-2006, 10:31:17 PM

I had the Disney Castle and the weebles were all Disney characters!! It was great fun.
MNBIGD03-May-2006, 10:45:31 PM

I FREAKING OVE WEEBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ever since i was little they are awesome and the song is the best
william11-Apr-2006, 02:52:10 PM

I used to play with weebles when i was a little boy. I am now 31 and have now just bought them for my own 2 year old son!!! They dont make them as good as they used to though,Cheap plastic!!!
Mark Ashby28-Feb-2006, 10:04:03 PM

I used to have the Weeble treehouse along with the Weeble Dalmation dog. Ah, simple pleasures!!!
clarky17-Feb-2006, 10:53:38 AM

I loved my weebles. I had the play park but like the bus mentioned above if you spun the roundabout too fast they would all fly off. We had a teacher called Mr Webber who resembled the Weeble shape (trying to be polite here) - many a pupil could be heard misquoting the catchphrase 'Webbers wobble but they don't fall down!'
Sam18-Jan-2006, 07:24:53 PM

My father in law often regales us with the story on how it was actually him that wrote "Weebles wobble but they don`t fall down"! At the time he was entering all of the competitions that came along...to a fault. And he entered the Weeble one, they won a holiday which that had to give up for some reason or another, and he also won some Weebles, which my husband loved allthose yrs ago! We are never 100% sure whether it`s a true story, but he swears it is, and it`s nice to believe it...
Vicky17-Nov-2005, 01:14:59 PM

Being on the 1989 Weeble's House toybox. With my little blue jumper & white blouse. Haha. I am currently 18 years old and I still have the box & everything but we haven't been able to find the whole set (with toy). I really wish I still had it but we've moved so much. Who knows where it's gone. If anyone knows where there would be one; please email me. _mistakez@yahoo.com
Kristen05-Nov-2005, 04:15:27 AM

I have a photo of myself when I was 2 years old at my birthday party cutting a cake with my mum which had the Weeble's on.
Angela Barthorpe06-Oct-2005, 02:30:54 PM

i used to share my bath with my weebles because i had the weeble harbour which had lots of boats.the harbour never floated, so i would have my mum holding the platform for me.
leez25-Aug-2005, 11:24:04 AM

Weebles wouldn't stand up if you pulled them apart, took the weight out of the bottom and stuck a big blob of Blu-Tak in the head!
FRED BLOGGS28-Jul-2005, 01:52:11 PM

I remember taking the weebles in the bath and then shaking them to get the water back out. I think it was only one of them that actually shipped water but it was great fun coz then your weeble cried!! My brother and I would fight over which one we had in the bath.
Sarahl02-Jul-2005, 08:29:41 PM

We used to play Subbuteo with them.. they were better than the real thing.
Squrgongulanx26-Apr-2005, 06:26:21 PM

I had a few weebles, which were the old ones from the seventies including the girl-with-flowers pictured right above!! Wendi, you mentioned that you had a butcher, a baker, and a candle stick maker. I believe that actually came from the Three-Men-In-a-Tub Fisher Price bath playset, which was a pretty cool tool (don't know if my parents kept it).
MLP25-Mar-2005, 01:03:55 PM

Somebody once gave one of my children a weeble. It was horrible - NO EYES - and my son was frightened of it! It sat grinning smugly like a demented buddha for years in a drawer no doubt weaving its evil magic until despatched to oxfam to cast its curse over some other unsuspecting family.
Kate07-Mar-2005, 02:05:42 PM

On the side of my house there was a old slab of irregular shaped cement sidewalk piece on a whole lot of sand. I was about 7 when I remember playing for hours in this area with my weebles. I wish I would have kept them. I lost them when we moved.
stephanie05-Mar-2005, 07:34:11 AM

I remember owning a green weeble bus which you could push around but not with weebles on it. As soon as you exceeded 2cm per second the unstable buggers came shooting off the top deck. For some reason it always reminded me of the bus the loonies go fishing in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. (See Danny DeVito)
Big Al04-Mar-2005, 01:35:22 PM

Man, My mother found one of my Weebles in the attic and gave it to me recently, which landed me here. I loved my Weeble Pirate ship (mid seventies) the most. Actually, that is what I am looking for in all honesty.
Mohawke27-Feb-2005, 05:26:08 AM

I miss my Weebles Tub Sub. I loved it, and played with it every bath time.
catherine03-Feb-2005, 07:24:19 PM

I loved my weeble helioport, the roof kind of folded down and you could carry it around with a handle on the top. I also loved the play ground, if you spun the roundabout fast enough the weebles would fly out - charming child!
Hannah B30-Jan-2005, 09:33:27 AM

I loved my weebles. I used to leave them in the yard and wait for them to find their way to my playhouse. Until one day, my mother, who was tired of stepping on them in the lawn, ran over all of them with the lawnmower. I never had another weeble people again... true story.
Lauri22-Jan-2005, 03:07:09 AM

I've been collecting weebles for years now. Except, the ones I have, have painted outfits and have a clear plastic ring across their middles and smaller than what's currently being sold.... Second Generation??
atsamiam28-Dec-2004, 02:00:57 PM

i have the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. but they werent the ones that looked like eggs. they were pretty big and shaped like regulat toys but with a rounded bottom.
wendi26-Dec-2004, 01:40:19 AM

I remember Weebles especially from the 80's. This year Hasbro has come out with a whole new line of Weebles, and they look great.
bklynguy20-Dec-2004, 05:06:22 PM

Still have all my weebles up in my parents attic - guess i just can't bear to throw them out or give them to someone who won't appreciate or look after them, therefore they will probably just rot away in the attic. Had the treehouse, the park, cars, planes and a helicopter. Also got a load of farm animals and one or two zoo animals thata I probably aquired from a friend who had the zoo. UK weebles are far superior to those USA eggs with pictures in them!!!
mike20-Dec-2004, 09:28:08 AM

i have a vague memory of having a weeble school bus.
sena18-Dec-2004, 03:09:42 AM

Ha~I can't believe I found this site. As weird as it sounds, I was named after a weeble-wobble. My mom was watching a commercial and one of the weeble-wobbles was named Ember. Does anyone have a pictures of the one named "Ember"? I would LOVE to see it.
Ember08-Dec-2004, 10:19:05 PM

I LOVED my weebles!! But my mom thought I didn't want them any more and sold them in our garage sale. (for pennies I'm sure) I asked her about them shortly after and have been SCARRED for life! I haven't let her live it down. I'm 38yrs. old now. ha.
Laura03-Nov-2004, 12:35:44 AM

i had a weebles submarine which i played with in the bath, but then the plastic top cracked and my mum threw it away - v v upset at time!
debbie02-Nov-2004, 11:55:28 AM

yes there were buildings digging through the attic of a storage buldig of our not long ago i found my old weebles ranch house and the weebles tree house both still look brand new.....just can't find any of my weebles though
chapsorg02-Nov-2004, 04:46:18 AM

weebles rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
weebles20-Oct-2004, 07:18:43 PM

I sure do, and im sure the rest of the Restaurant Bar & Grill do too.... Looking good Sarah Weeble!
I love weebles too28-Sep-2004, 10:35:24 AM

Do you remember when Sarah (The Human weeble)imitated her favourite weeble on the 27.09.04. I have the video to prove it
I love weebles28-Sep-2004, 10:33:25 AM

Do you remember the Weeble tree house? It kinda sprung open when you pushed the button the top and inside there were several Weebles bedrooms and there was even a Weebles elevator to take the Weebles upstairs
Weebles17-Aug-2004, 03:03:32 PM

I remember there was a whole load of accessories for the weebles like an aeroplane, police van, swing, slide etc. All the accessories were specifically made for weebles and had little weeble shaped seats so that the weebles wouldn't fall out. Were there buildings for weebles too (houses etc)? I don't remember...
Delboy12-Aug-2004, 05:34:01 PM

Our headmaster was short and round (I'm being polite) and his nickname was "Weeble"!
David Pritchard13-Jun-2004, 06:54:50 PM

I had weebles when I was young!! Approx. 10 years ago, I started collecting loose weebles, I have over 50 of them now and I am still looking for more to add to my collection. My weebles are different from UK weebles, but I even did manage to find some UK weebles over here in Canada. WEEBLES are awesome!!
Mary Robinson09-Jun-2004, 06:11:12 PM

Weebles.......my sister had loads of these! They even made Weeble animals, I think she had a lion in a cage.
Batman09-Jun-2004, 03:40:11 PM

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