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  • Ripped jeans
    These look really awful in my opinion. I throw my jeans away when rips occur. I would never wear these or let my daughters wear them
  • Head bands
    I still wear them. I have lots in different patterns and colors. My friends tease me a lot but I don't care.
  • Friendship bracelets
    No one ever gave me any. My friend Alison and I always made funn of the string-wearers, which is what we called the girls that wore lots at once.
  • The Hardy Boys
    I read these instead of Nancy Drew like the other girls I knew. I just liked them better.
  • Magic Eye Patterns
    I remember all the kids at my elementary school wanted to get these books out of the library. They were really popular but I never got the point.
  • Madlibs
    I LOVE doing these still to this day. My friend and I just did some online today that were so hilarious. These were a wonderful invention that have provided me with hours and hours of side-splitting amusement. It will never get old for me.
  • Judy Blume books
    I liked the Fudge books a lot but thought "Are You There, God It's Me Margaret" was annoying with too much emphasis on menstruation. It made getting your period a much bigger deal than it needs to be. I also liked the books with Rachel Robinson in them.

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