Professor Branestawm

Does anyone remember a series of books from the early 70's about professor brainstorm. He wore several pairs of glasses simultaneously and invented stuff. Apparently the illustrations are by Heath Robinson.

Richard Gosler


I read all the Professor Branestawm book, they were so funny. His housekeeper was called Miss Flittersnoop!
nightwriter14-Jul-2014, 08:39:50 PM

He used to have several pairs of glasses - most of which were on the top of his head as I recall!
martynrb22-Aug-2013, 02:58:53 PM

Yeah, remember these very well, I read them all in the late '70s as a child. Branestawm was created by the author Norman Hunter, and lived in the fictional town of Pagwell. His housekeeper was called Mrs. Flittersnoop, and he had a neighbour who was an ex Royal Navy commander called Commander Hardaport. I can't remember the name of the vicar, but he had two tearaway twin daughters.
Roxxy24-May-2011, 07:06:17 PM

The Professor Branestawm books did survive into the 70s. I remember buying one a week with my pocket money from my local bookshop until I had the full set.
sickthings12-Feb-2011, 01:57:30 PM

I searched the web for hours looking for Professor Brainstorm, I forgot that it was Branestawm. Thanks guys! Will search more and have fun....
Kevin16-Aug-2005, 04:23:49 AM

I was lucky in that the schools I went to in the 70s had several Professor Branestawm books which became my favourites :)
Zwilnik26-Dec-2004, 01:06:08 AM

Professor Branestawm books flourished approx. 1950. They may have not survived into the 1970s.
dp23-Apr-2004, 12:04:27 AM


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