Professor Branestawm

Does anyone remember a series of books from the early 70's about professor brainstorm. He wore several pairs of glasses simultaneously and invented stuff. Apparently the illustrations are by Heath Robinson.

Richard Gosler


He used to have several pairs of glasses - most of which were on the top of his head as I recall!
martynrb22-Aug-2013, 03:58:53 PM

Yeah, remember these very well, I read them all in the late '70s as a child. Branestawm was created by the author Norman Hunter, and lived in the fictional town of Pagwell. His housekeeper was called Mrs. Flittersnoop, and he had a neighbour who was an ex Royal Navy commander called Commander Hardaport. I can't remember the name of the vicar, but he had two tearaway twin daughters.
Roxxy24-May-2011, 08:06:17 PM

The Professor Branestawm books did survive into the 70s. I remember buying one a week with my pocket money from my local bookshop until I had the full set.
sickthings12-Feb-2011, 01:57:30 PM

I searched the web for hours looking for Professor Brainstorm, I forgot that it was Branestawm. Thanks guys! Will search more and have fun....
Kevin16-Aug-2005, 05:23:49 AM

I was lucky in that the schools I went to in the 70s had several Professor Branestawm books which became my favourites :)
Zwilnik26-Dec-2004, 01:06:08 AM

Professor Branestawm books flourished approx. 1950. They may have not survived into the 1970s.
dp23-Apr-2004, 01:04:27 AM


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