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  • Barlow At Large
    Barlow was from Softly Softly - which in turn was a spin-off from the brilliant Z Cars.
  • Clapperboard
    Late in the day, but exactly, Zokko! I remember being fascinated by and learning from William Goldman talking about scriptwriting - and now I'm an author! I think the modern stars would consider themselves too big, or ask for too much money, to appear in a mere kids show now.
  • Charlie Brown
    I know it's a cliché but they really don't make programmes like that any more, especially cartoons. It wasn't only funny, but subtle & quaintly philosophical. It could even be moving. The episode where CB "adopts" a little Xmas tree with all the needles falling off always gets to me!
  • Captain Scarlet
    Great series but surely "Stand by for action" is from Stingray? (Anything can happen in the next half hour!)
  • Edge of Darkness
    This was a riveting, original drama of a kind just not made in Britain any more.
  • Coronation Street
    In the early days when it was only on once or twice a week they were like good quality short plays with great characters and realistic storylines. I wouldn't bother watching it now if they performed it live in my front room.
  • Burke's Law
    I'm pretty sure he drove around in a Rolls Royce.