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Who remembers Zokko?

this was a Children's television programme from the late 1960's and early 70's that was named after it's presenter - a talking pinball machine.

It was a kind of robot/pinball machine. It would play the ball and then would say 'Zokkoooooooo.....' and would introduce whatever came next.

It had a mix of animations, film clips, magic and narrated cartoons. Apart from some highlights, only one complete episode remains in the BBC's archives.

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Do You Remember Zokko?

Do You Remember Zokko?

  • Anonymous user
    I think one of the serials within this programme was a space serial called "Skayne".
  • Anonymous user
    I remember Zokko - he used to say Zokkooooooooooooo...Speed Ride .. and then there would be a film taken riding a roller coaster or from a racing car. Can't remember what else . Would love to see that one remaining episode!