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  • Zokko
    I think one of the serials within this programme was a space serial called "Skayne".
  • Within These walls
    The illustration on this page has nothing whatsoever to do with the TV series "Within These Walls."
  • The Golden Shot
    Bob Monkhouse was the SECOND host, Jackie Rae was the first and Charlie Williams was the last. I think it actually started on Saturday nights, when Jackie Rae did it.
  • Treasure Hunt
    Whenever the contestants were really stuck, Kenneth would say "Oh wait a minute, look what I've just found over here in this book!".
  • Disco 45
    I did notice that on occasion the lyrics printed weren't quite right.
  • Dick And Dora
    I think there was also a penguin called Plop. Weren't the Dick and Dora books published under the name "Happy Venture" books?
  • Alvin Stardust
    He was (is?) married to Liza Goddard at one time. I first saw him on "Lift Off With Ayesha",round about November 1973. Before that, I don't think anyone had heard of him. And we certainly didn't know that his name is Bernard.

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