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You Must Be Joking!

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I remember a young Pauline Quirke being on this. They had a resident band in 'You Must Be Joking' - Flintlock, one of whom was Mike from The Tomorrow People.

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Do You Remember You Must Be Joking!?

Do You Remember You Must Be Joking!?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember this! Pauline and a band called Flintlock were on the show. I remember one episode where the band were going to take their clothes off, and as they stripped right down, the camera cut out the section where their underwear would be. I remember Pauline being very disappointed!
  • scotchmist
    This show was hosted by teen pop group Flintlock and comprised of sketches, songs and news items. I can remember a young Pauline Quirk making an appearance and trying to get pictures of the boyz in the buff! Jim Bowen was a regular too and I think even Mary Whitehouse appeared!