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  • Ever Decreasing Circles
    This was excellent stuff and typical middle-class English suburban comedy at its best! The acting and performances/characterisations were first class too! I particularly remember the episode where Richard Brier's character unwittingly wakes up in bed with Peter Egan!
  • And Mother Makes Five
    THis starred Wendy Craig and was very similar to Butterflies although not half as funny.
  • Seaview
    I was gonna post this memory but couldn't remember the title of it! It was really good with some great acting and story lines. I seem to remember the scene where the elder sister is distraught sbout being kicked out the local pub rock band for being underage and her brother's mate makes a stand shouting from the cliff-top..something like..."They might stop us from going into their pub but they can't stop us growing up!".. a moment to treasure!
  • Ludwig
    It was totally bonkers, but I think Ludwig was supposed to be a robot from outer space who happened to like Beethoven's music. The fact that it was set in a forest amongst woodland creatures probably suggested some socialistic constructionistic twaddle!
  • The Roxy
    I remember the Poxy.....sorry! Roxy, it was much maligned at the time probably because David Jensen was so irritating! I've still got a video recording of Shirley Bassey singing the "Rhythm Divine" with Yello on the show.
  • Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
    I rememeber this too! Wish they would repeat it as it was class! The theme tune was good too!
  • Threads
    I've always had a morbid facination with nuclear war! I was 19 when I watched this and had been looking forward to it for weeks! One of my friends who was the same age as me was advised by his parents not to watch it and he complied....what a woos! It didn't scare me particularly because I was quite savvy about the devastation such a nuclear holocost could incur. I just remember being blown-away (sorry!) by how authentic it all was! The three scenes which stood out for me were: the lady wetting herself outside the supermarket...yes, they showed it in graphic detail! The council officials in their nuclear bunker who despite all their industrial strength insulation seemed to be getting the worst of it, I could almost feel my own home shaking with the blasts! As for the final scene....let's not go there...!

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