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Visage was an 80s New Romantics band, headed by Steve Strange. Also involved Midge Ure and Rusty Egan. Their biggest hit was 'Fade To Grey' a fabulous haunting electro ballad. Also 'Mind Of A Toy', 'The Damnded Don't Cry' and 'Night Train'. Steve Strange was one of the original 'Blitz kids', found at the famous 'Blitz' club in London (as were Spandau Ballet and Boy George). Steve was the original New Romantic, wearing incredible costumes and loads of intricate make-up designs.

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Do You Remember Visage?

Do You Remember Visage?

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    Did you know that he's Welsh?! He comes from Caerphilly, I never knew that! Back in those days though, you didn't draw attention to that unless you wanted to be ridiculed- HOW things have changed! Poor fellow, he went on to battle heroin addiction in later life, and also had a mental breakdown as well. He's fully recovered now though, and is working mostly as an actor these days, usually in drama's that are set in his heyday of the early '80s. His autobiography came out in 2002.