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Uncle Jack was a British children's television programme aired throughout the early 90s. It consisted of four series; "Uncle Jack and Operation Green" "Uncle Jack and the Loch Noch Monster", "Uncle Jack and the Dark Side of The Moon" and "Uncle Jack and Cleopatra's Mummy".

Uncle Jack was an enviromentalist who was always active and putting his family in danger (mainly his sister's family). Every series Jack was faced with his deadly enemy called The Vixen, played by Fenella Fielding who was bent double on dominating the world mainly through changing the ecology of the planet.

Uncle Jack was based on the books by Jim Eldridge.

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Do You Remember Uncle Jack?

Do You Remember Uncle Jack?

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    "Goodbye, Mr Green! In ten seconds, you will be the Loch Noch Monster!" I loved this! It was like a cross between a James Bond/-eco thriller and the Carry Ons! Random facts, memories and questions: Writer Jim Eldridge also did the superlative "Bad Boyes" and episodes of "Spatz". Fenella Fielding in a glittery catsuit. Best episode ending was in "Dark Side of the Moon" where she rang a Cabinet Minister from her base on the moon to threaten the world with devastating weather and, as a demo, used a bolt of lighting to blow his windows out! Her assistant was played by Jimmi Harkishin, before "Coronation Street" (Dev Alahan). I remember them doing the classic "antidote"/"Auntie Dot" confusion gag in one episode. Paul Jones got any opportunity to play the harmonica. In "Cleopatra's Mummy" he also impersonated a superhero called the Red Shadow to impress an Australian woman tourist, for some reason that totally escapes me! Uncle Jack sometimes worked for (a fictional, not the real) MI5, and M was played by the late Roger Hammond. In "Loch Noch Monster" he fell into mutating gel and was transformed into a monster, lumbering around Scottish moors! Who played the kids? It was one of those series where they had young characters for audience identification, but they didn't seem to do much! Didn't Georgie Glen play their Mum? Oh, why don't they make kids' series like this now? Hope they dig some of this stuff out for CBBC's 30th anniversary next year (like they did for CITV in 2013).