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Tripper's Day/Slinger's Day

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Originally starring Leonard Rossiter (a truly great comedy actor) as the mean boss of an average supermarket - the first time that this "situation" had been used in a situation comedy. Sadly, Leonard's early death cut short the original series. It was brought back as Slinger's Day, starring (I think) Bruce Forsyth in the lead role.

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Do You Remember Tripper's Day/Slinger's Day?

Do You Remember Tripper's Day/Slinger's Day?

  • scotchmist
    I remember thinking at the time, "My god Leonard must be strapped for cash stooping so low as to take the lead in such a turkey" Rising Damp it was not! Simply dry rot!
  • Anonymous user
    Yes, it was Brucie who starred as Slinger. I quite liked the seres, though it seemed to me that just about everyone else loathed it!