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Titbits was a weekly that was the 70s dad's equivalent to Nuts or Zoo magazine. sport, fags, booze, cars and women. It still makes me giggle to myself. Titbits was the first magazine to feature a glamour girl on the front cover, albeit in clothes. It was first produced by IPC and stood as a major competitor to The sun newspaper, but was sold on to Sport Newspapers, then sold again. These days it falls more into the top-shelf category.

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Do You Remember Titbits?

Do You Remember Titbits?

  • Anonymous user
    wasn't there a womans mag called titbits simalar to womans realm/weekly/own/and woman etc?
  • Aura
    Oh i thought this was something my mum read, as I saw it laying round the house. Didn't think it could be my dads.