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  • Titbits
    wasn't there a womans mag called titbits simalar to womans realm/weekly/own/and woman etc?
  • Jacko Monkey
    jacko also has his own face book page. and there is acompany on ebay that sells a jacko cross stitch kit
  • Jacko Monkey
    does any one know when and why they stopped making jacko
  • Cadbury's Roses Tins
    whats the point of trialing roses without tins i mean what can be more recyclable than the tin IE it can be reused it'll last for years. possible uses?boys toy soldiers collection,buttons xmas decs other collectibles cake decorations storing cakes the listis endless
  • Magic 8 Ball
    for anyone intrested hawkins bazzar sell them magic 8 balls
  • Jacko Monkey
    i had ajacko at 2 yrs old still got him at 38 yrs old have gotten 3 more since secondhand 1 of which is smaller no moveable eyes though itfeels like he has a voice box in side him not working can he be repaired. also does amy one know why they stopped making jackos a few yrs ago the face hands and feet ears aapeared in craft shop s as build you r own monkey kit was this their old stock

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