Time Bandits (1981)

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A group of dwarves are joined by a young boy on a time travelling escapade after stealing a map from the "Supreme Being" containg all the "holes" in the universe suitable for time travel. Their plan is to get rich quick but are pursued by both The Supreme Being and Evil for the return of the map.

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Do You Remember Time Bandits?

Do You Remember Time Bandits?

  • Aura
    Some historical inaccuracies here. Like on the titanic, OK so they got wet but in those waters they would have froze to death within 10 mins.
  • Anonymous user
    "MOM DAD don't touch it, it's evil!!!!!" like the movie hate the end... Would you touch the smoldering rock that burned down your house? Especially when your son is saying it's evil don't touch!!!!!