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The Sweeney

"We're The Sweeney son, and we haven't had any dinner!"

Absolutely classic British cop show, running from 1975 to '78. John Thaw as D.I. Jack Regan, and Dennis Waterman as D.S. George Carter, with Garfield Morgan as their boss Frank Haskins, all part of the Met. Police's Flying Squad (the cockney rhyming slang version of which provided the show's title). 'The Sweeney' shook up the cop show genre, with the softly softly approach of 'Z-Cars' or 'Dixon Of Dock Green' being replaced by strong language, shouting, fist fights and car chases, the latter of which would often involve a silver S-Type Jaguar being chased by the squad's bronze Ford Consul GT - later replaced by both Mk1 and Mk2 Granadas. Cortinas were more often than not used as the back-up motors.

The pilot - 'Regan' -was shown in 1974 as part of Thames TV's 'Armchair Cinema' series. The immortal line "Get yer trousers on, You're nicked!" were the first words uttered by Jack Regan in this show.

'The Sweeney' was the obvious source of inspiration for the recent BBC series 'Life On Mars'.

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Do You Remember The Sweeney?

Do You Remember The Sweeney?

  • Anonymous user
    The Sweeney what an absolute classic I have every episode on DVD. very politically incorrect these days but the threads and motors they used were super cool. Remember the old bronze Ford Consul 3.0GT?