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Z Cars

Set in Seaport Merseyside, and produced in the "kitchen sink" style, this police drama was amazingly recorded live. Black Morias now defunct the programme featured the new force's weapon in the form of two white Ford Zephyrs known as Z Victor 1 and 2 and the heroic antics of their crews.

A far cry from the cosy Dixon of Dock Green where justice was always seen to be done by 6.30 on a Saturday evening, Z Cars addressed social and political issues, especially those of poverty and unemployment.

The distinctive theme tune reached to no 8 in the charts. It was screened on a Wednesday night at 8.00 and I was allowed to stay up for it. When I was dispatched to bed at 9.00 I would take my toy telephone under the blankets at spend a happy hour reciting "Z Victor1 to BD", and I have never to this day found out what the BD stood for!

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Do You Remember Z Cars?

Do You Remember Z Cars?

  • Anonymous user
    I was at secondary school in litherland Merseyside when z Cars was made in 1960-62 and in fact they filmed some outdoor scenes by my school. I am 66 now but remember both the series and the filming well. Dave McGuire
  • fbatkin
    Inspector Barlow always got his man. Why aint we got coppers like him now? Also does anyone remember the episode where I think it was PC Weirs dog was killed?
  • Gojira
    Starred Frank Windsor, Stratford Johns & a young Brian Blessed.