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  • TomyTronic 3D
    I'm happy to report that I've recently discovered that the one I had in the '80s - the white one 'Thundering Turbo' the driving game - still works! I put some new batteries in it the other day, and had a bit of retro nostalgic gaming fun.
  • Corgi MG Maestro
    I've still got mine. It took AAA size batteries and pressing down on the front or rear suspension made the lights at the corresponding end of the car come on.
  • Open All Hours
    I visited Lister Avenue on the strength of this - as it's one of my absolute favourite sitcoms, and I wasn't disappointed. The real shop is actually a hairdressers, which it always was during the days when 'Open All Hours' was filmed there. Don't forget Arkwright's "It's been a funny day..." reflective monologue at the end of each episode, Nurse Gladys's Morris Minor, Mrs. Featherstone - 'The Black Widow', and Kathy Staff as Mrs. Blewitt. B-Bair-Bair-Brilliant!
  • United Biscuits
    There were larger versions as well (5 chunks?), called Extra Time Uniteds.
  • Minder
    A classic series! The 'Little Britain'-baiting theme tune (or Feem Toon, if you prefer), written and sung by Waterman, Arthur's Jaguars, Terry's Ford Capris, a fight between Terry and various villains in practically every episode, Dave in the Winchester Club ("On the slate!"), dodgy deals, Arthur's lock-up, 'Er Indoors, Sgt Chisholm, Rycott, and Jones. George Cole & Dennis Waterman were surely THE double act of the early '80s.
  • BMW Advert
    This would have been at the time when BMWs were advertised as 'The Ultimate Driving Machine'.
  • Cadbury's Fudge Advert
    I remember the advert with the two schoolboys playing conkers, and the one whose conker was about to be hit was lured away by a 'finger of fudge' just as the other kid was about to strike it, cue withering look into camera from the boy who missed out on winning the conker match.

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