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The Lightning Seeds

The Lightning Seeds, one of my favourite bands, will unfortunately always be remembered for a certain football anthem, which is a shame, as they've recorded some very fine songs in the course of their career.

I first heard this band (fronted by Ian Broudie) in my early-90s clubbing days. Monday night was "student night", and predictably the playlist was made up largely of music which was labelled "indie" (that's what ALL students listen to, right?), and a great many British guitar-based bands, especially those from the north of England, such as Pulp and Oasis, would be put into that category, including the Lightning Seeds. Anyway, their early hit 'Pure' was given a regular airing on these nights, and I began to appreciate their music long before that dreadful 'Three Lions' became their most famous moment.

Other hits (yes, they DID have other hits!) include 'Sense', 'Change', 'The Life Of Riley', 'Lucky You', and my personal favourite, 'Marvellous'.

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Do You Remember The Lightning Seeds?

Do You Remember The Lightning Seeds?

  • Anonymous user
    I really loved the song Pure when it first came out (and its still a great tune)....1989 if I remember right. Showing my age!