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  • RAH Band
    My mum used to have a tape of the Rah Band in the mid 80's...we used to listen to it playing in her car. We lived in Dubai at the time and it was the perfect sunshine soundtrack! loved Clouds Across the Moon!
  • The Lightning Seeds
    I really loved the song Pure when it first came out (and its still a great tune)....1989 if I remember right. Showing my age!
  • Charlie Perfume
    Erm...It wasn't the same bottle of perfume I smelt recently mad I add as that would probably smell quite rancid 15 years was in a department store!!
  • Charlie Perfume
    I got a bottle of Charlie Red for my 16th birthday and when I smelt it recently, it really took me back to the good old days!!!
  • Watching
    Loved this and was thrilled when they showed re-runs on weekday mornings a few years back. Brenda was so sassy!
  • Vic Reeve's Big Night Out
    My brother, who is 6 years older than me, introduced me to this when I was about 13 and I instantly became a fan. The early characters were the best - Les and his love of spirit levels and fear of chives, Judge Nutmeg, Novelty Island and Wavy Davey. I've loved them ever since. Class.
  • The Price Is Right
    I can still hear Leslie Crowther's voice shouting 'Come on Down!!!' and remember the them tune like it was yesterday!

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