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The Cedar Tree

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Television series set in the 70's which was aired on ITV during the afternoons.

This was a programme based around an aristocratic family - the 'Bourne's', set during the depression of the 30's / 40's. They lived in a country house and there were lots of garden fete's, cricket and house parties.

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Do You Remember The Cedar Tree?

Do You Remember The Cedar Tree?

  • Anonymous user
    At some point, it was posted to a weekday 12.30 slot. I used to watch it at dinnertime in my schooldays. Network are releasing it on DVD and I got volume one this week. Watched the first six episodes back to back and loved it. The acting isn't brilliant, but a load of memories came back. Joyce Carey and Cyril Luckham getting a final gig? Philip Latham smacking his forehead and saying "by jove". Arthur Brownlow from Crossroads playing Gates the forelock tugging servant. It was also the first time I recall seeing Carol Royle. God she was/is/will always be seriously lovely! Picking up on Roxxy's previous comment. There were no sons in The Cedar Tree. I think you may have been thinking of Upstairs Downstairs? Simon Williams' character James shot himself in the mouth in similar circumstances.
  • Anonymous user
    Remember it well, it was on in the late '70s at around 2.30pm- I used to watch it when I was off school for one reason or another. The title came from the huge Cedar that stood in front of the house. There was one episode in which the tree was in danger of collapse, symbolising the perilous state of the Bourne family's fortunes. Another one featured one of the sons who was an officer during the War, committing suicide by shooting himself in the mouth- you never saw him actually do it, but that bit disturbed me as a child.