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  • The Cedar Tree
    At some point, it was posted to a weekday 12.30 slot. I used to watch it at dinnertime in my schooldays. Network are releasing it on DVD and I got volume one this week. Watched the first six episodes back to back and loved it. The acting isn't brilliant, but a load of memories came back. Joyce Carey and Cyril Luckham getting a final gig? Philip Latham smacking his forehead and saying "by jove". Arthur Brownlow from Crossroads playing Gates the forelock tugging servant. It was also the first time I recall seeing Carol Royle. God she was/is/will always be seriously lovely! Picking up on Roxxy's previous comment. There were no sons in The Cedar Tree. I think you may have been thinking of Upstairs Downstairs? Simon Williams' character James shot himself in the mouth in similar circumstances.
  • Yeow
    He was son of the chief I think. One of the local girls set him up, I can't recall how, and he was banished from the village. He met up with a pygmy tribe and befriended "Po". That's where it gets vague for me as well. I remember he eventually got back to the village and became leader. I also remember the distinctive tribal theme tune. I've often wondered if it had been on video/dvd, but up to now, nobody else has heard of it.

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