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Two families pitted against each other to find out who knew the most (otherwise) useless knowledge about television - such as "What is the opening lyric in the Only Fools And Horses theme tune"? (Do you know?) Hosted by Noel Edmonds, in his prime and sporting a number of revolting jumpers, it was compulsive viewing on a weekday evening (Monday 7pm?). Rounds included "Sing the Sig", "Guess The Year" and "On The Box".

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Do You Remember Telly Addicts?

Do You Remember Telly Addicts?

  • Andrew Dexter
    I watched this reguler, quite enjoyed seeing clips of old tv shows that were gathering dust in the BBC archives!
  • slightlyodd
    oh this show was amazing! I always wanted to go on it, although I may have been a little young for it
  • Anonymous user
    The theme music, the jumpers, Noel TidyBeard, the Hoofer Doofer, the sofas, the wierdo families, what wasn't there to love about this show. Bring it back I say, it's better than Deal or no Deal.