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  • Sid James
    I can remember hearing on the news about his death on Monday the 26th of April 1976, I was only 6 at the time and I remember him being them showing a clip of an interview, I thought he was talking about his own death!, silly me!.
  • Chloe Ashcroft
    I remember Chloe Ashcroft from plays school and play away. Just to politely correct you, she did indeed appear in Doctor who, but it was from a Peter Davison story called '' Resurrection of the Daleks'' in 1984, Genesis of the Daleks was transmitted in 1975.
  • Big Jim and the Figaro Club
    I remember watching this, it also had sylvester mccoy in it who was in tiswas at the time and ofcouse went on the be the seventh Doctor who.
  • Telly Addicts
    I watched this reguler, quite enjoyed seeing clips of old tv shows that were gathering dust in the BBC archives!
  • Cilla Black
    When i was a boy in the 1970's i used to watch her shows every week,i had quite a crush on her!
  • Peter Purves
    i will ofcouse always remember peter purvis in blue peter even though i knoe he was a Doctor who companian,but thatwas before my time. i met him in 2007,nice man.
  • Evil Knievel
    I remember him jumping ovr 14 london buses.

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