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Tell Me

Tell Me was a game where you had like a wheel in front of you, it had the letters of the alphabet underneath it, you had to spin the wheel and whatever letter it landed on, you were provided with cards with lots of different questions someone would say the question and you had to answer it with something beginning with that letter, it was a good old family game - a bit like Family Fortunes in a way - and I used to love playing it at Christmas!

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Do You Remember Tell Me?

Do You Remember Tell Me?

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    We had this at home and if my parents were playing we had to do it properly. Once my elderly aunty played it with us. The letter came up 'P' and the question was 'what or who annoys you most?' Aunty cried 'peeing up the wall!' We almost passed out laughing! My mother was horrified. That's why I remember this game after nearly 50 years! A great little game - it was as good as you made it!