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  • Onken Frufoo
    I loved thses they were so nice i used to nag my mum everytime we went shopping to buy me one the yougart was a bit like those petit filous fromage frais thses were so nice awww memorys!!
  • Cadbury's Spira
    I loved spiras and i would also like to know why they took these away cause they were so hard to get hold of because as soon as the shop got them in they were gone, they were the best chocolate for drinking tea through lovely!! i say bring back the spira!!
  • Cadbury's Roses Tins
    i remember the coffee ones cause they were disgusting but i think they realised noone liked them so took them away, love roses and are in a completley different league to quality street, cant beat cadburys chocolate!!
  • Anglo Bubble Gum
    God yeah i remeber thses you use to get the best bubbles out of them but they did make you feel like your jaw was going to drop off after and the flavour only lasted for about 2 minutes but for some reason as kids you would chew it for about 2 hours madness!!
  • Tooty Frooties
    I have just come across this now just as i am eating a packet, ive always loved thses but these days they are so small and you get loads in a bag now suppose thats a bonus!!!
  • The Gummi Bears
    This has got to be the best ever cartoon, i wqatched as a kid, my grandad would tape them all for me and my cousion and when we stayed over their house we would have a gummy bears night and just watch loads of them and i remember my nan would call blackcurrant squash gummy berry juice and still does to this day, she would also put the squash into orangina bottle cause they were shaped like the bottle the bears used, awww memories!!!!
  • Wuzzles
    I am so glad so many people remeber the wuzzles, because only me and my friend remember who they were and if i ever mention it to someone who dosent know they just look at me stupid!!!! loved this cartoon and watched it religiously, it was lovely!!!

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