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In the mid to late 1960's, Ron Ely played the part of Tarzan, on the 'small screen'. The Tarzan trade mark 'jungle call' used was, still, that of Johnny Weissmuller, who played the literary hero in the movies. Cheetah, Tarzan's ever faithful, chimpanzee sidekick brought humor to the show, and Jai, a young orphan boy, replaced Jane, as his companion. A brilliant action-packed adventure series, with Ron Ely doing his own stunts.

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Do You Remember Tarzan?

Do You Remember Tarzan?

  • Karen O
    Chimps live in trees, don't they? And if I remember rightly, Jai resided in a nearby village. A good old fashioned family adventure series, to be sure!
  • Gojira
    Ah, wholesome entertainment for kids; a half-naked muscle-bound man living up a tree in the jungle with a small boy and a chimp! Erm...