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  • Robin of Sherwood
    One of Britain's TV gems that's to be sure, Colin. =0)
  • The Man From Atlantis
    Yes, you can view the first episode on YouTube. It, also, has some video samples from a few others, Shootout at Land's End, for instance, and some with a small selection of different clips. You will find a group dedicated to the show under 'The Man from Atlantis on Facebook. =0)
  • Robin of Sherwood
    Last year in a nostalgic frame of mind, I re-visited some of my tv favourites, one of these being - Robin of Sherwood. I bought all 3 series on dvd. I was amazed at the number of websites dedicated to ROS, Michael Praed and the rest of the cast, even 25 years after the show was first aired. The atmospheric music of Clannad helps to keep it 'timeless', gaining new fans even now. Michael Praed's Robin of Loxley, will always be the 'Robin Hood', for me, no matter how many 'versions' of the legend have or will be screened. Series 1 & 2; Michael Praed, will always be my favourites, although not so keen on Jason Connery, I did enjoy some of the episodes in Series 3, one of these being Hernes' Son - Part 1 & 2, when Robert of Huntingdon had to re-assemble the 'Merries' - no mean feat. My favourite Michael Praed episodes were the first one; Robin Hood and the Sorcerer, when we are introduced to Robin and the story of how the band became established, Lord of the Trees and The Children of Israel, but especially, and although extremely sad, as it was his last one, The Greatest Enemy. This last outing as Robin of Loxley was so well done, so well acted, that you could almost feel all that the characters were experiencing. As you said 'it brings a lump to the throat'. The acting ability of the cast and the production team were a credit to the creative writing of Richard 'Kip' Carpenter who gave the legend a new twist, with the addition of magic and the mystical, in the shape of Herne the Hunter; pagan God of the Forest, and a new member to the Merrymen; Nasir the Saracen. The Saracen has, since, been included in, numerous, other adaptions. I can honestly say that I never tire of watching this wonderfully piece of tv history.
  • Quantum Leap
    Yes Coastie, all 5 series are available on dvd.
  • Tarzan
    Chimps live in trees, don't they? And if I remember rightly, Jai resided in a nearby village. A good old fashioned family adventure series, to be sure!
  • Oscar The Rabbit
    Not sure about him falling into a dustbin, it's possible. A washing-line, and a cooking pot; seemly always on the boil,I guess awaiting one rabbit, springs to mind. But after I posted original comment, I think that Gnasher, was in fact, not a dragon, but a pterodactyl. And you know how some theme tunes stay with you, well, this one has, and I can only describe it as a kinda fairground melody type of effort; no words, sort of screechy in places.Ring any bells?
  • Sorry!
    I remember Timothy uttering 'Sorry, Mother', for something he'd done, or said wrong, by his mothers' standards. And sad though it may be; on occasion when my 'kids' have said some word, I consider obscene, I've come out with 'Language Timothy'; resulting in a few blank looks, and me having to explain myself. It just goes to show how these catchphrases get into the old subconscious, doesn't it?

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