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Striker was a football game with little figures that 'actually kicked the ball'. When you pushed down on the player's head he would actually simulate a kicking action. It had a diving goal-keeper too. Good fun!

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Do You Remember Striker?

Do You Remember Striker?

  • Anonymous user
    Striker mine was army green then grifter which blueish I think but my favourite was the burgundy chopper with a 3 gear change lever in the middle below the long king and Queen seat with a back rest, small wheel on front big wheel on back . I was a biker I felt ace and cool changing gears to go faster. I ride motorbikes now blame the chopper
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    It was Super Striker that had the diving goalkeepers. The keepers in Striker had to hold the ball and when you spun the tops of their bodies round, they would 'throw' the ball - invariably into their own net! Great game.