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  • Windsor Davies
    He did the voice for a children's show, he was a silver weapon ball who led other war balls out of a space ship to attack the baddys who was also on a space ship led by a female who had a centipede on her armor Down her back and had a red eye halve robot I think. All puppets.... WHAT WAS IT CALLED PLEASE HELP late 70 s
  • Sindy
    I am glad you said dark hair as mine was a brunette she looked prettiest of them all I thought
  • Striker
    Striker mine was army green then grifter which blueish I think but my favourite was the burgundy chopper with a 3 gear change lever in the middle below the long king and Queen seat with a back rest, small wheel on front big wheel on back . I was a biker I felt ace and cool changing gears to go faster. I ride motorbikes now blame the chopper
  • Action Man
    I had the blonde dude with moving eyes he had a scar on his face, he drove around in a green tank and was very close to the dark headed sindy until he saw the blonde barbie they dated for a while till barbie saw ken then it was all over for eagle eye

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