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"Space Fiction Adventure in Pictures" published in black & white format by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd who also produce the "Commando" series of comic books.

Each issue was intended to be a 'one-off' episode, although a number of characters were revisited in further issues. The adventures of The Suicide squad,Jubal McKay (The Planet Tamer),Matt Tallis,Hadron Halley, & Mikal R Kayn were regularly given new adventures

281 issues in the series Apr 1979 to 1st Jan 1991

In an attempt to win more readers, there had been several issues similar in format to the then popular Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf gamebooks, but this project was quickly & Quietly dropped after a few issues when it proved unpopular.

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Do You Remember Starblazer?

Do You Remember Starblazer?

  • Theghost
    Starblazer was one of my favourites ever with lots of space ships and alien planets and resistance stories. I only ever got these from Jumble sales. I've been searching for new publications for my kindle.
  • KaLore
    UPDATE..... Have spoken to the publishers who have said there is NO intention to release an anthology of the series.....I`m not happy!