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  • Manic Miner
    This is sad really,anyone remember the infinate lives cheat for the speccy? 6031769 lol One of the CLASSIC games for the Spectrum although whoever programmed the amiga version failed to put a critical ledge in the right position and so you couldn`t complete the level...... Thanks Mathew smith for creating what was one of my most enjoyable periods in my youth playing Manic Miner.
  • Commodore Amiga
    I was a P.D Swapper as I was amazed & enthralled as to the abilities of the demo scene groups,I was lucky enought go to a demo party where I saw the speed at which they put these demos together. Spaceballs "State of the art" & K.G.B`s "Interspace" still remain my favorite demos of all time. My respects & Thanks go to all those Artists,Coders,Musicians,Animators & Programmers who introduced so many of us amigians to some truely awe inspiring demos
  • Starblazer
    UPDATE..... Have spoken to the publishers who have said there is NO intention to release an anthology of the series.....I`m not happy!
  • Blake's 7
    My heart Broke when they all got shot,then as the credits rolled you heard shots from Avons Gun...& then the question became did he die? was there gonna be another series? and now Sky One are said to be remaking the series.........Hmmmmmmm!

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